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Gregor Bush

Strength and conditioning Coach

Gregor is a highly experienced coach with a focus towards athletic development, injury prevention and end-stage injury rehabilitation. After studying a Master’s of Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning) he spent time as the strength and conditioning coach for The University of Melbourne’s Elite Athlete Program. He is currently undertaking a Strength and Conditioning internship at the Victorian Institute of Sport.

Gregor has worked with athletes and clients of all levels; ranging from local level athletes and first time gym-goers to international competitors and Australian national champions.



Master’s of Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning) | Edith Cowan University
Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human Movement | Victoria University
Level 2 ASCA Coach | Australian Strength & Conditioning Association
Level 1 Powerlifting Coaching Certification | Powerlifting Australia
Certificate III & IV in Personal Training | Australian Institute of Fitness

Achieve your Fitness goals!

Do you need to be an athlete to train with Gregor? Absolutely not. Gregor trains people of all different ages, skill-levels and experience, to achieve a variety of goals such as:

Reducing body-fat through correct exercise and effective nutrition advice.
Increasing strength and overall muscle mass.
Improving aerobic fitness.
Developing appropriate mobility and flexibility.
Safely learning the three big lifts – squat, bench press and deadlift from a qualified powerlifting coach.
Moving and feeling better. Fewer ailments, less pain.
Improving posture and overall physique.

In his 10 years’ experience in the fitness industry, Gregor has developed a passion for helping a variety of people. He has a keen interest in helping everyone achieve their health and fitness goals.

He believes that personal training should involve more teaching and less yelling. Focusing on clients learning correct lifting technique from a qualified and highly experienced trainer. He draws upon a wealth of knowledge from a Master’s degree, he instils in his clients the tools to achieve their goals by training smarter not harder.

Gregor works with high level athletes and youth development squads in a wide variety of sports, including (but not limited to):



What Clients Say?

  • Working with Gregor was a great springboard for me in my training, I developed a strong technical base in the gym that I have taken with me over the past year. Gregor is not only rigorous with instilling his technical expertise, but also has great insights into training philosophy.
    Alice Arch
    2016 Australian u23 Lightweight Rower
  • I have worked with and alongside Gregor for many years and have seen his passion for strength and conditioning first hand. Ever a student of the game, he's constantly sorting out the fluff and fads from what really works, to make sure he gets the best result for whoever he's working with. Whether that's making consistent progress with a wide variety of long term clients, or getting already high performing athletes and teams fitter and stronger than they've ever been before. If you're after a dedicated, no nonsense coach, then I highly recommend you book a session with him.
    David Jame
    Strength Coaching Australia
  • As an athlete and as a coach myself, I have experienced different levels of quality of coaching. Gregor demonstrated that he is a very good quality coach through his knowledge and hard work. Gregor was always able to clearly communicate the correct technique for each exercise on the program as well as the reasoning behind the relevance of each exercise. I always found it very easy to work with Gregor and I very quickly “bought in” to his program due the respect that he earnt in my eyes. I benefited highly from his professionalism and his ability to answer any question I had. I highly recommend Gregor as a strength and conditioning coach.
    Isaac Smith
    Rower, Elite Athlete Program, Melbourne University Boat Club
  • Since 2013 I have had the pleasure of being coached by Gregor in his role as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for Elite Athletes. In this role, he provided thoughtful direction for me using specialised skills in strength and conditioning. With great success, Gregor continuously moderated and improved exercises to ensure my program always remained relevant to my specific needs. When introducing a new skill or if I was simply unsure, he was always capable of breaking down the movement and explaining each step meticulously. Gregor’s exceptional strength and conditioning knowledge and ability to guide clients is a forte that he has constantly proven capable of executing.
    Noam Tidhar
    Judo, Australian National Champion 66kg Class

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